Army: Process of inducting new ve sion BrahMos to begin soon

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NEW DELHI: Declaring that the process of inducting a new version of BrahMos would begin soon, Army today said the trials of the cruise missile were aimed at testing the effectiveness of a special sensor for accurately hitting targets in an urban environment.

"Accuracy was the watchword. We had wanted them to include another sensor (in the missile). That is what these last three trials (were about). Because more than the naval version, in the Army, we wanted the missile to distinguish between similar kind of targets in urban areas. So this third test has been extremely successful," Army vice chief Lt Gen Noble Thamburaj told reporters here.

The process of inducting the new Block-II land attack version of the 290-km range missile would begin soon, he said.

"The process (of induction) will now start. Because now after carrying out the three field trials, the army is absolutely satisfied," he said on the sidelines of a seminar on Fire Power organised by Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS).

Congratulating the DRDO scientists and the BrahMos Corporation for the success, Thamburaj said the Army had enhanced its aspirations on the capability of the BrahMos weapons system as it wanted greater lethality and accuracy.

Noting that the Army was currently compiling the test reports, he said the missile system provided "tremendous scope and opportunity" for the force.

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